My Approach

My life coaching is a collaborative client-centered process. We start with your question or issue, as identified in an initial free consultation when core values, as well as your life goals and obstacles, are explored. If we develop a mutual comfortable and trusting relationship in that initial consultation, then we will journey together on a tentative path toward achieving your desired goal. That goal may involve your inner self or other areas of life, from personal relationships, life transitions, career paths, fitness and health, or learning new skills. We will tackle barriers that prevent you from enjoying life with peace of mind.


Whatever the challenges, we will march on, discovering your strengths and empowering you to rectify what is wrong, measuring your progress as we go.

Options for Life Coaching in both English and Spanish

Private in-person coaching at my practice is the most productive option for establishing a comfortable relationship. It is especially convenient for people who are not computer- and email-savvy and for retired clients.

Private in-person coaching at the client's location has the same advantages as the “at my practice” sessions but carry the added cost of traveling expenses (time and mileage, limited to within 25 miles from my zip code 20191).

Private in-person coaching via Skype reaches clients wherever they are. Skype coaching sessions are the least expensive and the most convenient for coaches. On the other hand, this option is the least effective for building a relationship and retaining information.

I favor private in-person coaching at my practice, at least for the initial sessions until both client and coach acquire sufficient confidence to read nuances of verbal communication and body language. Later sessions can continue via Skype if desired. In-person coaching allows the development of a bond between coach and client on a level that can be hard to match when coaching via phone or Skype.

I will be delighted to hear from you and answer any questions you may have.  Contact me today.

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Te invito a programar una consulta inicial gratuita de 30 minutos para conocernos a nivel personal. Hablaremos de tus valores mas importantes, tus objetivos de vida, y cualquier obstáculo que sientas que te impiden alcanzar esos objetivos.


Completa el formulario para programar tu sesión inicial gratuita, y me pondré en contacto contigo. Por favor, recuerda incluir el problema más urgente que deseas resolver.



Albert Halac, Life Coach 

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I invite you to schedule a free 30-minute initial consultation so we can get to know each other on a personal level. We will talk about your core values, life goals, and any obstacles that you feel are keeping you from achieving those goals.


Fill in the form below to schedule your initial free session, and I will reach out to you. Please remember to include the most pressing issue you are looking to resolve.