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Personal Development 

Personal development is about increasing your self-awareness to recognize where you want to be in life and how to get there. We will work to uncover the potential within you to help you acknowledge, accept, and build upon your strengths and weaknesses.


I will guide and support you to develop a plan and strategies so that you will be able to set goals and work on achieving them on your own.


You should expect me to

  • Ask questions to guide you to an answer.

  • Encourage serious thinking about how you are living your life and the changes you want to make.

  • Challenge your way of thinking by exposing inconsistencies.

  • Support you through difficult decisions.

  • Help you to create and follow your personalized plan.

  • Assist you in developing strategies to reach your goals.


A “relationship” is usually understood as an intimate connection with a spouse or partner. In real life, however, the term covers any connection between two or more people, since we make connections with people through all seasons and walks of life, whether they are lifetime associations or occasional encounters.

Any type of relationship can break down. If two people, or a team, cannot work together, they will in time have relationship problems and the connection will begin to fail. Coaching for relationships may be needed by anyone struggling to build strong connections.


You should expect me to

  • Help you adopt different attitudes toward your life and the people in it.

  • Cope with separations.

  • Maintain long-distance relationships.

  • Bridge age gaps.

  • Discuss stressful situations.

Common Sense and Critical Thinking

Common sense and critical thinking combined is one of the greatest tools for problem solving. It can make a considerable difference in your life by empowering you to evaluate your decisions with a new way to look at yourself and the people around you.


In your family life

Critical thinking can help you analyze difficult family situations more objectively and improve communication with family members.


In your social life

Critical thinking can help you become a better friend and maintain good friends by learning how to remain level-headed and manage arguments.


In your life with a partner

Critical thinking can help you understand your own behavior and your partner’s reactions. You learn to better express your ideas and needs, improve communication, consider your partner’s point of view, and develop emotional intimacy.


In your life at work

At different points in your career, you may feel overlooked or treated unfairly by your boss or coworkers. Critical thinking can help you find a way to change an unsatisfactory work situation and better communicate with your boss and coworkers. You can learn how not to take work-related discussions personally and to make your arguments more convincing.


When crises arise in our personal or professional lives, we are often required to respond quickly. The quick response, however, is always predicated on accurately identifying the problem. This emphasis on the input enhances the likelihood of positive outputs that are faster and better.


Critical-thinking coaching for adults is hands-on, more grounded in reality than in theory, and illustrates the benefits of critical thinking in everyday life.


You should expect me to

  • Give you more difficult challenges.

  • Give you fewer compliments on your initial accomplishments.

  • Give you more tough-love in assessing your shortcomings.


I will be delighted to hear from you and answer any questions you may have.  Contact me today.

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Albert Halac, Life Coach 

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